Assalammualikum.. Alhamdulillah.. Praise to Allah for all those happiness I shared with my lovely Disha.. 

For those who asked me, why there are only 93 days, let it be my secret with my Disha.. 

Thnx guys for reading my story written by my trusted frend, Isha Idiaz.. Hope you all enjoy the story.. 

That's all from me.. Wallahualam..

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InFEcteD ALieN said...

x sangke bhai..btol2 ade org2 yg dlm cerpen.pikey rekaan semate2.. :D
anyway.slamat berbahagia!

fiena hamdan said...

Jyeahhh , alhamdulilah :)
Hope y and sis Disha are happy ! I pray for that :)
Sis Disha so lucky , I hope I found one , dengggg !
May Allah bless all of you :)

ayu ain said...

Sis disha u are so lucky getting someone that vry3 special man..i pray to God hope u and daniel will happy frver..

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